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pristine BIO CLEAN


pristine BIO CLEAN




 By 2030, the UN predicts that demand for fresh water is expected to outpace supply by 40 percent.

 Introducing ALL‐NEW BIO TAB® Urinal Drain Maintainer/Air Freshener Systems for Greener and Sustainable Washroom Today.

 pristine BIO CLEAN  BIO TAB® keep urinals 24 hours clean, freshsmelling and clogfree!

 BIO TAB® are designed for water‐savings and trouble‐free maintenance of all low‐flush, conventional urinal bowls or troughs and no‐flushing waterless urinals systems that saves water, reduces sewer, eliminate odours and pipe clogging.

 BIO TAB® allow you to reduce the water usage and convert flushing urinals into low‐flush or waterless fixtures instantly without additional costs. Ecological and refillable when empty, thus reducing maintenance costs and protecting the environment.

 Once BIO TAB® bio‐active enzymes‐producing bacteria are introduced to organic waste such as urine and ammonia, they produce powerful enzymes which eliminate these compounds and clear any organic materials build‐up out of drain pipe unlike traditional urinal mats, urinal screens, PDCB urinal blocks and most waterless urinal systems that just cover up the urinal odours and clog up the drain pipes.

 Each BIO TAB® are guaranteed to last for minimum 15,000 users without flushing that eliminate water wastage up to 45 tons per urinal (90 tons per urinal with refill/cartridge control) and also reduce sewage discharges.

 All contents of  BIO TAB® are biodegradable and environmentally‐friendly.

 BIO TAB® contains the same kind of bacteria blend that should be added to septic and sewerage systems. Safe for all sewage system treatment, plumbing and drain line maintenance.

 Water-saving, odour control and clog-free biological urinal systems. 100% green, all content and plastic are biodegradable.

The packaging are made from Recycled Contents with Oxo‐biodegradable or

Bio‐composite Materials. Proven and tested to comply with the criteria of Singapore Green

pristine BIO CLEAN New Zealand can assist in all market segments, Education, Hospitality, Manufacturing Healthcare Office buildings, local Government and Government to name a few in

SAVING MILLIONS OF GALLONS OF WATER ANNUALLY!!! Easy to use, Eliminates Odors, Cost Effective, and Maintain Drains.

 BIO TAB® Pink:

Urinal Deodorizer/Drain Maintainer & Air Freshener (110 gram)

 BIO TAB® A Revolutionary All-in-one urinal Deodorizer, Drain Maintainer and Air Freshener System for Green and Sustainable Washroom Today.

Convert flushing urinals into waterless fixtures instantly! Guarantee up to 15,000 users/cycles per urinal without flushing, saves maintenance costs and saving precious water. Each  BIO TAB® could derive water saving ranging from 30 Tons to 60 Tons per urinal.

  • Designed for flushing urinal with 0.5 to 1.0 liter water per flush.
  • Each Bio Tab lasts up to 10,000 uses/cycles with 500Ml water per flush

Standard Packing:

24 units per carton

ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 Certified