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pristine BIO CLEAN


pristine BIO CLEAN


BIO PLUS®Multi-Purpose Biological Base Cleaner

Just use BIO PLUS® Concentrate Multi-Purpose Biological Cleaner & Deodorizer – Safe, Effective and Environmentally Friendly. No longer a need for 10 different types (or more) of chemical cleaners!


Effectively seeks out organic wastes, inhibits growth of pathogenic bacteria and eliminates the source of the most obnoxious odours.

Reduce water usage by converting flushing urinals into low flush or waterless fixtures instantly without any costs. Ecological and refillable when empty. All content are biodegradable and plastic packaging materials degrade in landfill sites, no longer leaving no harmful residues and reducing carbon footprint.

100% green, biologically based, low VOC certified. Our products are certified to meet the stringent standards of being environmentally friendly, with low carbon emissions, improve hygiene and non-toxic. UL Environment’s ECOLOGO Certified, CACC Certified, and Singapore Green Label Certified.

Effective drain maintainer, breaking down all organic matter. Safe for all sewage system treatment, plumbing and drain line maintenance.

Clean deep beyond most surfaces and corners that cannot be cleaned by conventional methods, eliminate foul odours, continues to protect cleaned surfaces against new contaminant’s, and prevent pipes from clogging-save you all the resources such as water, labour and costs giving you a sustainable edge over other options.

Harmless to human and animals, non-acidic and guaranteed non-pathogenic strains. Safe for skin and SSCAQMD list certified ‘Clean Air Choices Cleaner’ Products and Companies.

A hygiene leader, pristine BIO CLEAN Ltd has directed its entire hygiene product range towards the environmentally friendly route. The end result is its trend-setting approach which does away with polluting and hazardous chemicals. Instead, natural processes and biodegradable compounds are utilized.

pristine BIO CLEAN Bio cleaning range provide users with clean, fresh-smelling and convenient facilities without posing a threat to the environment. pristine BIO CLEAN has pioneered this particular aspect of biotechnology for washroom hygiene, cleaning and odour control.

The first step in hygiene is to eliminate the breeding grounds of germs that cause contagious diseases and foul odours. Clogged drains and other surfaces such as floors, walls and toilet fixtures, can get contaminated with spills as well as tracked-in dirt that create soils, stains and foul odour problems. 

pristine BIO CLEAN BIO PLUS® effectively seeks out organic wastes, clears the pipe and eliminates the source of even the most offensive odours. BIO PLUS® is a cost-effective, quick acting multi-functional product that can also be used to clean and deodorize surfaces.

BIO PLUS® protects cleaned surfaces against new contaminants (including pests) and leaves them truly clean and pleasant smelling. After cleaning is completed, simply dispose remaining water into drains or sinks to remove build-up throughout the plumbing line of entire building and sewerage system.

Another proven application is for clearing traps and drains in commercial bar and restaurant as well as domestic kitchens. BIO PLUS® degrades and digests organic materials naturally such as oil spills, grease, fat and nutrients on floors, cracks, crevices and spaces under equipment that cannot be cleaned by conventional methods. Other benefit includes eliminating slippery floors caused by grease build-up and removes the food source for insects including ants, cockroaches and breeding of flies.

How BIO PLUS® does works and why is it Superior?

A concentration of bacteria active specially created to eradicating organic waste, inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria, reaches deeper into most surfaces than other traditional cleaners, and eliminates the source of most offensive odors (including pests).

 Cut your facility chemical cleaning budget by ~50%, clean more efficiently and easily via our unique Mix-n-Dispense solution (If applicable).

BIO PLUS® Multi-Purpose Biological Cleaner cleans all surface areas efficiently without any residuals and is suitable for all sorts of surfaces due to our proprietary ingredient blend. BIO PLUS® contains TRILLIONS more enzyme producing bacteria bugs than any other product on the market allowing it to be extremely efficient breaking down organic waste leaving a fresh smelling environment. Also plant based surfactant.

 NOTE: While bacteria metabolize a wide variety of organic material, enzymes are

substrate specific. For example:

 Protease enzymes catabolizes (“breaks down”) protein

Amylase enzyme breaks down starch and carbohydrate

Lipase enzyme breaks down fat and grease

Cellulase enzyme breaks down cellulose

Urease enzyme breaks down urea

 All our Partners like the janitorial suppliers, building owners/managers and cleaning service contractors are using the benefits of BIO PLUS® to promote and market their own green efficiencies.

 BIO PLUS® Biological, Multi-Purpose Cleaner can be applied for all surfaces due to its neutral pH a safe one step system for daily mopping of all floor types, (but not limited to): cleaning washroom surfaces such as floors, tile’s, grout crevices, toilet’s, urinal’s, bathroom fixtures, basins, mirrors, windows, kitchen stove, appliances, bench tops, chrome, stainless steel, marble, wood, stone, walls, carpets, sofa, fabrics, clothes rubbish bins and for grease trap maintenance vehicles and eliminates pets and animal odours etc.

 Odour eliminator:

One wipe with BIO PLUS® will eradicate foul odours and contaminants at the source, leaving you with a fresh and hygienically clean environment.

 Finding the source of obnoxious odours is critical. Many times, it seems that despite hard cleaning, decaying organic matter is still left behind.

 BIO PLUS® is a cost-effective, quick acting multi-functional product that can also be used to clean and deodorize all surfaces. BIO PLUS® protects cleaned surfaces against new contaminants and odours (including pests) and leaving surfaces truly clean, hygienic and pleasant smelling.

After cleaning is completed, simply dispose remaining water into drains or sinks to remove build-up throughout the plumbing line of entire building and sewerage system.

 BIO PLUS® has got you covered!


 Safe: Effective: Environmentally-Friendly:

 South Coast Air Quality MD Certified Low VOC

Biological Cleaners versus Traditional Disinfectants

Green Biological Cleaners are superior to traditional chemical disinfectants. Disinfectants treat initial surface contaminants, but do not protect from new contaminants which reproduce pathogenic bacteria immediately. In contrast, BIO PLUS® eradicates bacteria immediately and continues to eliminate any new bacteria contaminants thereafter.

EPA Release Test Results:

The EPA (“Environment Protection Agency”) release test results from a 24-month study conducted by the European Center of Disease Control, Biological Cleaners have proven to reduce pathogenic bacteria, specifically Straphloccus aureaus, Clostridium difficile and Candida albicans on hard surfaces in a hospital environment.

Test Results on Biological Cleaners:

Result: Biological Cleaning, as part of the daily cleaning procedures resulted in a 50 to 90% reduction in pathogenic bacteria.

Conclusion: This case study indisputably emphasized the finding that biological cleaning is a more effective, safe and sustainable alternative to chemical based cleaners and disinfectants.

The contents of BIO PLUS® are biodegradable and environmentally-friendly.

 pristine BIO CLEAN BIO PLUS® contains the same kind of bacteria blend that should be added to septic and sewerage systems. Safe for all sewage system treatment, plumbing and drain line maintenance.

Test Results in hospital environment


BIO PLUS®  Biological Cleaner

Escherichia Coli

Staphylococcus aureus


Pseudomonas aeruginosa


Coagulase-negative staphylococci


Clostridium difficile