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pristine BIO CLEAN

Bio Plus 25 Ml Sachet Concentrate

pristine BIO CLEAN

Bio Plus 25 Ml Sachet Concentrate


 Just use BIO PLUS® Concentrate Multi-Purpose Biological Cleaner & Deodorizer – Safe, Effective and Environmentally Friendly. No longer a need for 10 different types (or more) of chemical cleaners!

BIO PLUS Concentrate, a Revolutionary Multi-Functional Green biological cleaning product (best-seller in the West Coast of the United States!). BIO PLUS clean all surfaces, ranging from mopping floors, scrubbing carpets, wiping counter tops, mirrors, windows, urinals as well as toilets etc. In addition, Calfarme BIO PLUS deodorizes and maintains the drains, as it keeps pH levels neutral, preventing nasty odours and clogging.

 Safe, Effective and Environmentally Friendly with BIO PLUS!

All our Partners like the janitorial suppliers, building owners/managers and cleaning service contractors are using the benefits of BIO PLUS to promote and market their own green efficiency.

 BIO PLUS using innovative biotechnology, utilizes naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes it produced to liquefy wastes and keep drains free flowing. Proven-safe biotechnology, BIO PLUS is safe to use and its guaranteed non-pathogenic strains produce powerful enzymes, which efficiently digest organic waste and eliminate the source of even the most offensive odours.

 BIO PLUS is a cutting edge Green Biological Cleaner, superior to any other cleaner available on the market due to our unique bio-enzymatic cleaning properties and replaces the need for bleach or disinfectants, drain chemical, toilet cleaners and air fresheners.

 BIO PLUS can be used in a heavy duty and light duty dilution ratio as follows:

How does BIO PLUS work and why is it Superior?

BIO PLUS is a Green Biological Product, Low VOC Certified specially formulated into a cutting edge Green Biological, Multi-Purpose Cleaner which eradicates organic waste, inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria, reaches deeper into most surfaces than other traditional cleaners, and eliminates the source of most offensive odours (including pests). CACC Certified.

BIO PLUS can provide you with a sustainable solution to your current cleaning system. By reducing the amount of cleaners to one Green Biological Cleaner using BIO PLUS, you are essentially creating a more efficient work force. Calfarme BIO PLUS also will continue to protect against new contaminants throughout the day, unlike traditional chemical cleaners. BIO PLUS Biological system will save resources such as water, time, and money, giving you a sustainable edge over your competitors.

BIO PLUS Concentrate: 25 ml Sachet Refill.

 Applications: Bio Plus is used for cleaning toilet bowl and urinal surfaces, floors, grout crevices, corners, basins, mirror’s, walls, bench top’s, window’s, rubbish bins and all fixtures in washrooms including drain pipe maintenance.

 DIRECTION: Dilute one 25 ml BIO PLUS Concentrate Sachet to 500 ml of water in recycled Bio Plus spray bottle.




Standard Packing: 240 x 25Ml sachet per carton

ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 Certified